Marie Osmond Shows Off Shorter ‘Messy Bob’ Hairstyle On ‘The Talk’

Marie Osmond Shows Off Shorter 'Messy Bob' Hairstyle On 'The Talk'

During the December 3rd episode of The Talk, Marie Osmond debuted yet another fun hairstyle! It’s a much shorter, wavy ‘do, almost like a bob-style look. Before the airing of the show, the 60-year-old took to her Instagram Story to showcase the new hairstyle. She also lets us in on some behind-the-scenes with her hairstylist. “We got a bob going on — a little textured, messy bob!” her stylist, Angela Christine, is heard saying in the background.

“You know, I wanted to give her something different,” her stylist adds. Moments after she gave her fans a first look at the new style, she did reveal that it was actually a wig. Marie couldn’t get over how realistic the wig looked on her.


Marie Osmond’s messy bob hairstyle is too cute!

marie osmond new bob hairstyle
Messy bob hairstyle on Marie Osmond / Instagram

Despite Marie experimenting with wigs, as she’s done in the past, she admits that she was very hesitant about trying for the first time. “I said, ‘I don’t want to wear wigs,’… And look — they look real. I mean, it’s crazy.”

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Angela says that the wig is made of 100% human hair and was then curled and colored to achieve such a natural, realistic look. “We wanted to give her something that looks similar but just edge it up a bit,” she states in the Instagram Story clips. “But I told her I didn’t want to cut my hair because I like doing ponytails and I like to throwing my hair up in a bun and things like that,” Marie adds after.

Why she began wearing wigs in the first place

marie osmond new bob hairstyle wig
Marie Osmond and husband / Instagram

Despite Marie being hesitant about wearing wigs, it has now become a new, fun hobby for her. She loves to switch things up every so often, whether it’s with her hair or clothes. She reveals that the wig-wearing first became a thing when she was trying to disguise herself in public to avoid paparazzi while with her children.

“My kids really like it and initially, I did it, just so we can have our private time,” Marie says. “Because I’m not going to be rude if someone comes up for an autograph, but I notice that they now don’t — well, now that I posted it, they know that I’m blonde — so I have a red-headed [wig] now, it’s really good.”

marie osmond bob hairstyle wig
Marie Osmond in a blonde wig / Instagram

Marie additionally jokingly reveals to Closer Weekly the one time she will consider changing up the color of her hair for real. “If my hair gets really, really gray and I can’t dye it black anymore, I’ll go blonde!”

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