Watch Tom Hanks Transform Into Mister Rogers For New Film

Watch Tom Hanks transform into Mister Rogers for the new film

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which stars Tom Hanks as “Mister” Fred Rogers comes out this month. A new video has been released which shares the process that Tom took in becoming beloved icon Mister Rogers in the film. It shares the costume and makeup process as well as how he researched to play Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers is best known for his show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, where his calm nature helped children to learn life lessons. Sadly, he died 16 years ago, but he is still just as prevalent in our culture. This is evident after the anticipation of the new film.


Tom Hanks transformed into Fred Rogers

tom hanks mister rogers
Tom Hanks / Facebook

Actor Tom Hanks shared a new behind-the-scenes video for the film. He said, “I started looking at many, many, many hours of the half-hour ‘Mister Rogers Neighborhood.’ I read the scripts, the handwritten scripts, of the shows. But rather than trying to go for a microscopic mole for mole imitation of Fred Rogers, it was a cadence, a quietness, a slowness.”

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beautiful day in the neighborhood
‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ / Facebook

In addition, the makeup team took a similar approach. They decided that less was more when creating Tom’s look as Mister Rogers in the movie. The director Marielle Heller said that they wanted to create a sense of authenticity throughout the entire film. Of course, that includes costumes and makeup.

mister rogers tom hanks
Mister Rogers film / Facebook

She said, “The aim was always authenticity. It was a lot of looking at the two faces and going, ‘What do we need? We need his eyebrows to feel like Fred, and Fred had very distinct eyebrows and a really simple wig.’ That’s it. Those two things are going to turn him into Fred, and the rest, we just want to capture the truth behind his eyes and everything that feels real and vulnerable.”

tom hanks as mister rogers
Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers / Facebook

It seems as though the team who brought the movie to life already got the seal of approval from the person who matters the most. Fred’s widow, Joanne Rogers has reportedly seen the film already. She said, according to TODAY, “He looks adorable as Fred. He looks wonderful!”

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood premieres in theaters nationwide on November 22, 2019. Check out the behind-the-scenes clip of Tom Hanks transforming into Mister Rogers below:

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