Customers Jump In To Help Waffle House Employee During Busy Time

Customers step in to help a Waffle House employee working by himself on a busy night

Have you ever been to a restaurant while they were experiencing a staff shortage? This happened at a Waffle House in Alabama. However, instead of complaining, some customers stepped in to help serve behind the counter to help out the stressed-out staff member.

A man named Ethan Crispo told the story. He said he left a friend’s birthday party and decided to grab some food at his local Waffle House around midnight. Ethan quickly noticed how busy the restaurant was and only saw one cook on duty to help feed the entire restaurant. He was just about to leave when he noticed something interesting.


Customers step in to help under-staffed Waffle House

customer washing dishes waffle house
Washing dishes / Facebook

He saw a customer finish his meal and then ask for an apron and start to wash dishes. Ethan said, “It was a smooth transition. He just busted his butt and helped out.” Next, a woman began to clean tables and stack cups. Yet another began to serve coffee to other customers.

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customers helping out at waffle house
Customers working / Facebook

None of these people worked at the Waffle House. Ethan actually asked Ben, the only Waffle House employee working who the people were. He didn’t know them and they didn’t work at any other Waffle House restaurant. The volunteers worked together to clean up and Ben worked at the cash register and cooked all of the food. Even without knowing each other, they seemed to work like a well-oiled machine.

waffle house
Waffle House / Wikimedia Commons

According to CNN, Pat Warner, a spokesperson for Waffle House said: “The store had a miscommunication about the duty roster that night, and it had created ‘a little gap’ in staffing.” He continued, “We’re very appreciative and thankful, but we do prefer to have our associates behind the counter.

Lastly, Ethan noted, “I’ve never seen anything like this ever happen, nor will I again, probably,” Crispo said. “It was one of my most memorable experiences.”

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