Teen ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Donates $10,000 To Cancer Research In Honor Of Alex Trebek

Teen Jeopardy champion Avi Gupta donates money to cancer research in honor of Alex Trebek

A recent winner of teen Jeopardy! is giving back. Avi Gupta won $100,000 in the teen Jeopardy! tournament over the summer. In honor of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! currently being treated for pancreatic cancer, Avi donated over $10,000.

He donated the money for pancreatic cancer studies at the Knight Cancer Institute in Oregon. The donation also promotes early detection of pancreatic cancer. When it is found late, it is much harder to recover. Alex advised for early detection in October during a PSA. Alex announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March.


Avi Gupta actually donated $10,314

avi gupta teen jeopardy champion
Avi Gupta / Facebook

The teen said that Alex had inspired him to donate the money and that he is someone Avi looked up to his whole life. In addition, Avi actually donated $10,314, with the last three numbers are a reference to pi. This is a math term and he wanted the number to “represent his lifelong love of learning and math and science that eventually led to his Jeopardy! win.”

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avi gupta alex trebek teen jeopardy champion win
Avi Gupta and Alex Trebek / Facebook

“Everyone knows someone or has been affected by cancer in some way,” Avi said. “I believe scientists are winning the fight against cancer, we just need to help them to do more.” In addition, Dr. Brian Druker, the director of the Knight Cancer Institute and his wife will match Avi’s donation.

He said, “What a remarkable young man and what a great gesture. We hope it inspires lots and lots more people.”

avi gupta alex trebek
Alex Trebek and Avi Gupta / Facebook

Alex has resumed chemotherapy but continues to host Jeopardy!. He has said that he will continue to host the game show until he can no longer do it because of his health. In conclusion, it is so nice to see teens giving back to a good cause.

Take a look back at Avi’s big win on teen Jeopardy!:

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