KFC’s Newest ‘Beyond Fried Chicken’ Is The Next Meatless Favorite On The Menu

KFC's Newest 'Beyond Fried Chicken' Is The Next Meatless Favorite On The Menu

KFC is now hopping on the bandwagon to include meatless alternatives on their menu. With Burger King promoting its Impossible Whopper and McDonald’s testing out a vegan burger, it was only a matter of time. KFC has added its Beyond Fried Chicken to the menu for a trial run, first tested in Atlanta, GA on August 27th. This trial run sold out in just five hours.

The newest meatless item is in collaboration with Beyond Meat. Similar to Burger King’s partnership with Impossible Foods, the ‘fake meat’ is soaring in popularity. The fried ‘chicken’ comes as a nugget with dipping sauce and also as a boneless wing with sauce. Yummy!


KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken is a Massive Hit!

There’s no telling if this will remain a permanent menu item following the test run, or if they will offer even more vegan items in the future. The company did take note of how successful it was, so it’s safe to say we’ll likely be seeing more of this vegan deliciousness. Reports say that lines were actually out the door waiting to order this new food item.

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A nutritionist who attended the Atlanta, GA test run is a fan. They say, “These taste more like fried chicken than any of the other options that I’ve tried, so I really hope that they make these available nationwide and very soon.”

Other fast-food places that have vegan options now

kfc beyond fried chicken is the newest hit
KFC beyond fried chicken / Instagram

As mentioned previously, McDonald’s and Burger King have been testing out vegan options. BK is even adding theirs to the menu permanently. Other fast-food joints jumping on the vegan band-wagon include Carl’s Jr., White Castle, and even Dunkin’ Donuts (it was exciting to see a vegan sandwich on their drive-thru menu board)!

There is one thing for vegans and vegetarians to note. The KFC Beyond Fried Chicken is 100% plant-based, but is shared on the same fryer as their meat products. This same thing goes for Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, enjoy the tasty food! Check out the taste test review of the KFC vegan chicken below.

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