Jamie Lee Curtis Shares First Look From ‘Halloween Kills’ On Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis shares some behind the scenes clips from Halloween Kills

  • Jamie Lee Curtis is currently filming the new movie ‘Halloween Kills.’
  • In addition, this Halloween, she shared some behind the scenes photos and clips from the new film. 
  • In one photo, she appears to be covered in blood.


Jamie Lee Curtis delivered the ultimate Halloween gift for fans of the Halloween movies. She is currently filming Halloween Kills. Jamie Lee shared a video on her Instagram that shares some behind-the-scenes looks at the new film, set to premiere right before next Halloween.

The clip shows footage of herself, Michael Myers (the villain of the film) and fellow actress Judy Greer. It also shows footage of the director David Gordon Green, who worked on the Halloween movie from last year. For instance, that film was a sequel to the 1978 movie.


The first footage from ‘Halloween Kills’

Jamie Lee captioned the video, “‘Tis the season….. to start screaming. First look at the mayhem David has created for all of you.”


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jamie lee curtis blood halloween kills
Jamie Lee Curtis / Instagram

She also posted a photo of herself in character, and looks like she is covered in blood. She captioned the photo, “From all the talented and dedicated artists who join together to scare the sh*t out of you… HAPPY HALLOWEEN

jamie lee curtis halloween kills
‘Halloween Kills’ / Instagram

The new film is also set to star Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Halloween Kills is slated to hit theaters Oct. 16, 2020. Written by Green, Danny McBride, and Scott Teems, Halloween Kills will be the second film in a trilogy, followed by Halloween Ends, coming in October 2021.”

In conclusion, are you excited about the next two Halloween movies? We certainly are! Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe out there.

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