Woman Loses 200 Lbs After Being Bullied For Her Weight, Undergoes Stunning Transformation

Woman Loses 200 Lbs From _Mindful Changes_ After Being Bullied For Her Weight

Kara Beck is one of the many who have been bullied for their weight. Boys always made fun of her for being “fat” and remembers so-called friends calling her a “red cow” when she wasn’t around. Kara says the bullying began when she was just 12 years old and she would never forget it. She knew that she was different and others did not accept her.

“I was very careful. I was always so sensitive and tried to stay out of situations that would provoke bullying,” Kara says, who is now 25 years old. “There were more things said behind my back … than to my face.”


Kara Beck and her experience with weight loss

woman loses 200 lbs after being bullied for her weight
Kara Beck / Instagram

At just the age of 8 years old, doctors would diagnose Kara with pre-diabetes. She knew that since she was a little, she was always bigger than the other kids and it made her look older. Kara knew very vaguely that she should eat fewer carbs and more protein, but she genuinely didn’t know that much about nutrition. The bullying would continue on and it would fuel her unhealthy eating habits.

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“The bullying was just damaging my psyche, at this point, and creating this really unhealthy self-image and relationship to my body,” Kara explains. “That turned into my bad relationship with food.”

It’s been a rollercoaster, up and down

woman loses 200 lbs after being bullied for weight
Kara Beck / Instagram

During high school, she would actually lose 70 lbs, but she wasn’t happy. She began self-harming and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Following getting on medication for that, she gained the weight back. “Bingeing habits really started when I got into my later teenage years,” she says. “Those bullying instances were fuel for that.”

She and her husband, Nathan, got married when she was just 19. They decide to have children and she plans to lose the weight before getting pregnant. However, just when she started to lose weight, she learns she is expecting. At the time, she was 330 lbs. Kara would give birth to her son Samuel in March 2017. By then, she weighed 368 lbs. It was at that point she knew she needed help.

She knows she needs help, and works to change herself for the better

woman loses 200 lbs after being bulled for weight
Kara Beck / Instagram

In January 2018, Kara would undergo gastric bypass surgery. Following that, she has made extremely beneficial changes to not only her diet, but her overall lifestyle. She not only began to re-work her diet, but also began to incorporate the necessary exercise. Soon enough, this strong woman went from 368 lbs to 163 lbs.

When she first tried exercising, she could only take it for about 15 minutes before feeling exhausted. She now goes to the gym 6 days a week. She says she is not only working on her physical well-being, but also mental, and is facing her depression/anxiety head-on.

Kara is now confident and feeling her best

kara beck loses 200 lbs after being bullied about her weight
Weight loss Kara Beck / Instagram

Kara has also undergone surgery to have her extra skin removed. “The skin was a double-edged sword,” she explains. “I saw it as a badge of honor but it also reminds me of who I used to be, which holds me back.”

Regardless of anything, she feels confident in herself and is happy to give advice to people wishing to do the same thing.

kara beck loses 200 lbs
Kara Beck / Instagram

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