Adorable Baby Steals Spotlight In Rascal Flatts Duet With Father


It was a calculated effort to soothe his daughter. In the end, his decision proved perfect for not only consoling the baby but also inspiring her to absolutely melt our hearts. Parental figures have a long tradition of making various noises to address their babies. High, squeaky voices alternate with singing as adults try to comfort their child and instill a sense of ease. Naturally, when Danielle Johnson Jones’ daughter needed some soothing distractions, Dad went right to singing. Soon, Rascal Flatts had their daughter showing off her own vocals. Millions upon millions of viewers can’t get enough!

There is actually a lot of science behind the habit of speaking in a high voice or singing to babies. Deeper voices earn less attention from little ones, while higher voices, even squeaking, gets them to focus and be calmer. Despite their age and early stages of development, babies are also very receptive to rhythms. These patterns in songs easily get babies hooked and help ease any crying or fussing. Developmentally speaking, this may be tied to the fact that babies are still learning a lot. A 2015 study by McGill University, found that babies latch onto a “repeating vowel sound” from a higher-pitched voice more than what many adults usually have. This repetition feeds into humanity’s fondness for patterns.


This innate behavior ended up being just the thing to calm their baby

Father and daughter sing some Rascal Flatts
Father and daughter sing some Rascal Flatts / Danielle Johnson Jones on Facebook

Whether spurred on by the McGill University study or by a certain human instinct, the Jones couple did just the right thing to bring their daughter some joy. In turn, her adorable response brought them and millions of others utter joy too. This time, Dad chose “I’m Moving On” by Rascal Flatts to sing to his daughter. The lyrics are not necessarily upbeat, but Dad used his own vocal talents to let his daughter simply enjoy the rhythm that babies – and humans in general – find such comfort in.

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Her response was one of giddy excitement. Her entire body goes into positively bursting with excitement. Dad watches her performance the entire time, while Mom records the event to share on Facebook. Shareably notes that on the social media site, the video has already earned 12 million views and nearly 19,000 comments. But the little star was not done yet.

Their talented baby steals the spotlight and tries singing some Rascal Flatts too

Daddy and baby girl love to sing together!! He’s going to kill me for posting this!!🙈

Posted by Danielle Johnson Jones on Monday, September 24, 2018

Not one to be upstaged, the young aspiring artist began a performance of her own. Soon, she is not just wiggling and twitching her toes, but also singing. Her rendition consists of much cooing and her own attempts to harmonize with Dad. The two continue this performance without looking away or breaking off the act.

“I’m Moving On” is quite the weighted choice to sing to a clearly beloved child. Though very tender and beautiful, there is a melancholy to it for parents not ready for their child to move on from them completely. This little baby has some time before her parents have to think about that, but for the moment they all shared a truly special moment as one loving family unit. This trio and Rascal Flatts prove the power of music beyond a doubt.

Rascal Flatts doesn't even have to be playing to get people hooked
Rascal Flatts doesn’t even have to be playing to get people hooked / Buffalo News

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