Hershey’s Casts A Glow On The Holidays With New Festive Chocolates

These sweets are the perfect way to enjoy the holidays!
These sweets are the perfect way to enjoy the holidays!

The holidays have long come to mean a period of good food. Hearty meals weigh down tables bedecked with decorations, plates, glasses, and the sounds of hearty chatter. The good flavors don’t stop at dinner, though, as the perfect end to a chilly holiday is always a warm, soothing dessert. Whether an elaborate cake, simple cookies, or just a really good, special drink, desserts are the perfect endcap to a festive day. Hershey’s has a long tradition of giving people with a sweet tooth the perfect fix of rich, flavorful delight. This year, they are giving hungry consumers even more ways to enjoy the flavors of the holiday with new, festive products.

From fall through winter, numerous holidays spring up for people of every faith. As a result, many people are looking to further enjoy this time with some delicious sweets. What’s even better than delicious chocolates? Chocolates that fit the theme of the season! Years of traditions have established some close word association when anyone hears about a certain season. Pumpkin spice fragrances waft through coffee shops and homes alike, while the refreshing bite of peppermint dances on candy canes. Hershey’s is indulging not only in related word associations but also the visual imagery people have come to think of with this busy time of year.


Hershey’s new products offer a perfect combination of holiday flavors

Mix and mingle tin
Mix and mingle tin / Hershey’s

Old classics and new concoctions mix in Hershey’s Mix & Mingle tin. The charming new tin features a tartan pattern and gilded, swirling writing, harkening to time by the fireside opening beautifully wrapped presents. Inside are little presents to complete the scene. Those include Hershey’s Cookies and Crème Drops, mini-pretzels, Whoppers, and Candy Coated Milk Chocolates. No flavor is left unappreciated. Anyone getting this tin, perfect for a quick fix and sharing with others, will immediately experience some holiday cheer.

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Hershey’s knows the joy of mixed flavors, how indulgent sweetness plays off of sharp saltiness so both complement one another. That is why they also released their dipped pretzels. Cute, small pretzel twists are covered in a bright cream and speckled with green and red sprinkles. Visually, one can’t help but think of holiday decorations as they bite into one of these treats!

More Classic Candies Getting A New Spin

Kit Kat sweet cinnamon
Kit Kat sweet cinnamon / Hershey’s

Break me off a piece of that sweet cinnamon Kit Kat bar! That’s right, the timeless chocolate wafer is infused with a new holiday taste that will have consumers melting right along with the chocolate. The sweet cinnamon Kit Kat bars come in new festive packaging that has the little bars dressed as elves. They’ll be helping Santa deliver joy to everyone on the Nice List by providing soothing, warm flavors.

Changes to Reese’s chocolates are rare. Different iterations in size and shape occur, but often there remains a known, underlying theme to every version of the sweet. This year will bring Reese’s Mystery Shapes. These holiday shapes are the first new ones in 20 years. Three new shapes have been unearthed from their wrapping, though the company is staying tight-lipped about what they are. At least one includes a Christmas stocking.

Light up your homes and taste buds with more new treats

Reese's holiday lights
Reese’s holiday lights / Hershey’s

Those living near neighborhoods with no shortage of holiday cheer often enjoy driving by to see how people decorated their homes. Colorful lights criss-cross and swoop all over homes and lawns, lighting up trees and bushes and roofs. Now, some of that light can come with you, with Hershey’s new Reese’s holiday lights. The shape and wrapping paper around them are exactly like classical holiday lights used around the house. They look cute enough to use as a decoration!

It’s never too early to indulge in some holiday cheer. Chocolate warms the soul and, with these new themed products, adds a whole new way of decking out your space for winter. Not only will these taste good, they’ll look good right up until they’re eaten.

Hershey's dipped pretzels
Hershey’s dipped pretzels / Blair Candy Company

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