McDonald’s Obtaining Technology That Knows What A Customer Wants Before They Order

McDonald's Obtaining Technology That Knows What A Customer Wants Before They Order
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Over the last seven months or so, McDonald’s has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in order to acquire special technology. This technology will specialize in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This means that with this new technology, McDonald’s will already know what a customer wants before you even order it. Moreover, a team of engineers and data scientists from the McD Tech Labs are working on voice-recognition software.

With fast-food sales declining rapidly, McDonald’s is trying to amp up their game as much as possible. Recently, the fast-food chain reports that same-store sales in the United States had been weaker than expected for the third quarter. So, it’s no surprise they are beginning to roll out new software in an effort to attract new customers.


McDonald’s will soon know what customers want before they even know

mcdonald's using new voice recognition technology
McDonald’s drive-thru / Courtesy of McDonald’s

In addition to this new technology that McDonald’s is adding on, there are also some digital boards being implemented at their drive-thrus. The chain has implemented their marketing strategies through their drive-thru menu board. They do this by accentuating certain menu items based on the time of day, the weather, the popularity of certain menu items, and the length of the wait. For example, on a hot summer day, they might promote a cold soda rather than a hot coffee.

Additionally, to end every transaction, the screen displays a list of recommendations, trying to get the customer to think about buying even more. However, there is another tactic that might make customers a little uneasy. Some drive-thrus are testing technology that can recognize license plate numbers. This is so that the company can suggest a tailored list of potential purchases to the customer when they come back again.


Will the public be okay with this new venture?

mcdonalds will know what food you want with voice recognition software
McDonald’s drive-thru food promotion / Engadget

Daniel Henry, the chain’s chief information officer, talks about these new technological ventures. “You just grow to expect that in other parts of your life. Why should it be different when you’re ordering at McDonald’s?” he says. “We don’t think food should be any different than what you buy on Amazon.”

We get what he’s saying here. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce shopping website available and we don’t realize how much of our personal information we’re giving to them. Full names, addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and much more. It’s no surprise why McDonald’s would want to hop on the bandwagon of collecting consumer data so they can deploy the information obtained to encourage even more spending. It’s just all a matter of if people will be okay with it in their very own fast-food restaurants.

mcdonald's gaining voice recognition technology
McDonald’s drive-thru food promotion / Courtesy of McDonald’s

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