‘Hamilton’ Star Miguel Cervantes And His Wife Say Goodbye To Three-Year-Old Daughter

Miguel Cervantes and his wife Kelly say goodbye to their three year old daughter Adelaide

  • ‘Hamilton’ star Miguel Cervantes and his wife lost their three-year-old recently. 
  • Her name was Adelaide and she was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. 
  • In addition, her Celebration of Life Service was held on Sunday.


Miguel Cervantes, best known for his current role in the hit play Hamilton, recently lost his three-year-old daughter. Miguel and his wife Kelly said goodbye to Adelaide at a Celebration of Life Service, surrounded by friends and family. She passed away on October 12, 2019, after a series of health problems.

Little Adelaide started having seizures at 7 months old and was diagnosed with epilepsy. She was also diagnosed with Infantile Spasms (IS). Adelaide was close to turning 4 before she passed. The family had a small early birthday party for her. She briefly opened her eyes and tasted a bit of her birthday cake, which was ladybug-themed.


The Celebration of Life Service for Adelaide

celebration of life service adelaide
‘Celebration of Life Service’ / Instagram

The Celebration of Life Service was held at the Harold Washington Public Library in Chicago on Sunday. The service was filled with music, as other members of Hamilton joined Miguel. During the service, Miguel and his wife stood side by side as he spoke.

miguel and adelaide
Miguel and Adelaide / Instagram

According to PEOPLE, he said, “To all of Adelaide’s army, to all who touched her and comforted her and tried to save her, you will always be a part of our family. Adelaide will live on in all of us. I think she’s dancing and smiling right now.”


The cast of ‘Hamilton’ performed several numbers

miguel and kelly cervantes
Miguel and Kelly Cervantes / Instagram

Some members of Chicago’s production of Hamilton performed “Touch the Sky” from the Disney movie Brave. They also sang “‘Til The Calm Comes,” a song that Miguel wrote for Adelaide. During the service, there were also various readings from friends and family. It ended with “Proud Corazón” from the Disney film Coco. Over 200 people were in attendance.

miguel cervantes and children
Miguel and his kids / Instagram

Miguel’s wife Kelly has been documenting the journey on her blog. Some people who were moved by the blog were also in attendance.

Kelly’s last post read, “For over a year I have used this blog, my words, as a way to connect with others and to spread awareness, but it’s also been a therapeutic outlet for me. So, I’m giving myself a pass this week and acknowledging that there is nothing I can say on this page that is going to make any of this better. I know in time I may feel a sense of conflicting relief but right now it’s just a gaping hole of grief. No amount of flowers, food, alcohol or words can fill it and to be entirely honest, right now I don’t want them to.”

Miguel is currently taking a break from Hamilton but plans to go back to the stage as soon as he can.

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