Priscilla Presley Makes Rare Public Appearance Staying Incognito With Face Mask

priscilla presley out in facemask
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For the most part, Priscilla Presley keeps to herself, enjoying a quiet life while fawning over her grandchildren. The widow of Elvis Presley also tends to her own important personal business, however, though this she usually does alone when possible. Her success in acting and business, as well as her compassion for her family, prompted public interest in her life. As a result, many were excited to see Priscilla out and about, though questions arose when they realized her destination.

Interest is directed at many areas of Priscilla’s life. Rumors floated around concerning new relationships. But since her husband passed away, Priscilla Presley stayed single and focused on her career and family. Though she keeps to herself Priscilla is not opposed to being portrayed in films.


Priscilla Presley quells rumors, others stir them up

Priscilla Presley heading to an appointment
Priscilla Presley heading to an appointment / RF/Coleman-Rayner

If she does not encourage gossip, others do. An insider told Closer Weekly that Priscilla is “happily single. She gets a kick out of the occasional gossip stories, the speculation out there about her dating life, but it’s not true.” However, Tom Jones does get “naughty sometimes and jokes about romancing Priscilla, but she couldn’t.” The two are close friends and Priscilla also befriended his wife Melinda. For the most part, many love circulating rumors about her romantic life that she simply shrugs off.

If people do want to learn about her life, however, she is not opposed. She does have strong opinions on who to cast in a biopic, though. When asked about Austin Butler playing her late husband, she gave a vague, “I don’t know.” For herself, she suggested Lana Del Ray, adding, “I like Lana a lot.”


Her grandchildren continue to amaze her in many ways

Priscilla Presley
Priscilla Presley / Instagram

Priscilla has seen her fair share of glory. Both she and her husband found great success in all they pursued. She continues to be a strong, independent woman. Yet she is not beyond feeling any awe still. Her grandchildren, young as they are, conduct themselves with grace and intelligence. They are also pretty tech-savvy and imaginative. Priscilla admits, “they can handle the phone better than I can. They know how to Google already, they know how to draw things and characters, and oh, my gosh. They’re just little girls experiencing life and having fun.”

But their maturity is shown in other ways as well. She told Us Weekly, “I don’t know how much they can understand at 10 years old. I mean, they know, of course, who he is and they love his music.” Though her younger grandchildren are both 11, they seem aware of their grandfather’s legacy to an extent. She says, “they’re in awe when they see how many people come to the vigil and light candles at the [annual] candlelit vigil [at Graceland].” They did not accompany her during her October 15 outing to a doctor’s office. Instead, she took a large face mask to grant herself some solitude. This trip to the dermatologist’s office gave her supporters a brief glimpse at how the powerhouse is doing these days.

Priscilla Presley stayed stylish on her way to the dermatologist’s office / RF/Coleman-Rayner

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