HBO Max Is Releasing A New ‘Grease’ Series Reboot

HBO Max is coming out with a new Grease series called Grease Rydell High

  • The new streaming service HBO Max has announced a new series.
  • It will be a spin-off series from the original film called ‘Grease: Rydell High.’
  • Fans should anticipate new music in the series. 


Grease is getting another reboot. This time on the new streaming service called HBO Max. It will be a series called Grease: Rydell High and will be a spin-off series of the original 1978 film. The series will be set at Rydell High, where Danny and Sandy attended high school.

However, the new series will have a brand new cast and even new songs. According to Fox, WarnerMedia Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said, “We’re going to build out the world of this show which everybody loves, in that musical style, and build basically a ‘High School Musical’ kind of experience that will be a big fun rock and roll musical.”


Executives are comparing the new ‘Grease’ series to ‘High School Musical’

grease cast
‘Grease’ cast / Paramount Pictures

Grease is one of the most beloved Paramount titles and it’s a thrill to be re-imagining it for today’s audience,” Paramount TV president Nicole Clemens, added. “When Bob called about bringing it to television, we knew we would be in the perfect hands because of our great working relationship with HBO Max and Bob’s genuine passion for musicals.”

danny sandy grease
Danny and Sandy on ‘Grease’ / Paramount Pictures

If you’re wondering why Grease is coming back again, it is probably because of its huge success with a variety of audiences. There have been Broadway shows, a live special on Fox, and several sequel films. Even though some people scoff at Grease 2 and beyond, it is no doubt that they still made money.


grease 2
‘Grease 2’ / Paramount Pictures

For example, the 1982 sequel made $15,171,476. The original film is the all-time leader in the box office for a musical. Since its release, it has made $189,969,103.

Will you watch the new Grease series? No word yet on when it might be released or who will be cast in the series. Stay tuned!

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