$400,000 Texas House Is A Kaleidoscope Of Textures And Colors

kalidescope 400000 house

A $400,000 Texas house offers owners a little bit of everything – literally. If floral patterns are a favorite, there are plenty to be found. Perhaps tassels are more of your taste. Worry not, there are hundreds of those too. Pink and tan, paint and plaid, Roccocco or spotted, modern and antique, busy and plain, everything happens at once everywhere within these walls.

An unassuming outside hides this house’s true look. A quick stroll up the simple walkway brings visitors to a single door. Behind that simple, earthy door resides a true visual bombardment. Excitement reigns at this place someone may call home.


Pinks and tans define the color palette

Pinks and tans are the primary colors here
Pinks and tans are the primary colors here / Awesome Inventions

This Texas house has a lot going on. Many different patterns are present in different rooms. One consistency is the color palette. Soft pinks and earthy tans are the base for everything going on in this house. This is perhaps the most modest feature of the home. But when homes feature any extreme, that feature tends to dominate all else.

Pink is not present just on the walls. Furniture is also a dusty rose color. Cabinets and throw pillows alike range from dog’s ear pink to a deep maroon. All the rest, from carpeting to walls, are set in earthy tones. This color scheme permeates the whole house.


Every piece of fabric features a new print

The fabrics feature a little bit of everything
The fabrics feature a little bit of everything / Awesome Inventions

Some rules of design may be violated or completely followed, depending on who you ask. Some assert that as long as the colors are the same, two patterns coordinate fine. Others, however, consider it a sin to mix different patterns in the same place.

For this reason, having a densely floral carpet underneath a plaid curtain gets mixed reactions from visitors. Those who are content as long as the colors are the same are out of look, though. Various floral styles also feature varying dyes. The end result is a very busy sight to behold.

Different patterns cover literally every surface

Even cabinets have patterns on them
Even cabinets have patterns on them / Awesome Inventions

Many leave the patterns on fabrics. Rugs feature elaborate paisley stitching while curtains house quaint plaid designs. However, this Texas house does not stop there. It might have been enough if the wallpaper was the extent of it. But the different patterns are present everywhere. And we mean everywhere.

Those seeking a break from all the patterns will find no reprieve looking at the cabinetry. They too have flowers sprawling over each side. In some cases, flowers are replaced by alternating paint colors, stripes, and dots. Woodland scenes cover all the rest, making this house look like a patchwork quilt and then some.

All the odds and ends match the rest…as best as possible

The decor is consistent with the wild theme
The decor is consistent with the wild theme / Awesome Inventions

How does a designer even maintain continuity in such a chaotic house? By throwing in just a bit more to look at! Observers voice comparisons between this house and the home decor brand MacKenzie-Childs. The decorations may not be from that brand, but they certainly are in keeping with the theme.

Decorations for this Texas house are nature-oriented. Most are housed in the kitchen and feature plants, animals, and vegetation. Bouquets of flower set atop every flat surface. The artwork features relaxing, peaceful scenes. Even tissue boxes have flowers of various colors on them, lest any surface is calm and plain. This home takes decoupage to a whole new level.


Crazy patterns start a social media craze

No room is left simple in this Texas house
No room is left simple in this Texas house / Awesome Inventions

Pictures of the house received some 17,000 reactions on various platforms. Listing agent Tyler Shelton admits even his company’s social media page got in on the buzz as well. The page shared a picture of the kitchen and simply wrote, “Caption this.” Attention spread to twitter, where viewers shared opinions as colorful as the home.

Missy Stephenson reportedly created the design to inspire a sense of whimsy. Comparisons with decor retailer Mackenzie Childs are no accident. A collection from that chain inspired Stephenson. She calls the place “a little piece of heaven to me,” adding, “I just love color.”

Outside of the famous Texas house
Outside of the famous Texas house / Awesome Inventions

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