HGTV Is Following Up ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ With A New Holiday Special

  • As ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ comes to an end, HGTV is gearing up for a new holiday special starring the Brady kids.
  • It’s known as ‘A Very Brady Holiday Special’ at the moment.
  • No further details yet, but speculation is already beginning!


Fans of nostalgia and The Brady Bunch rejoiced when they learned that the Brady kids were reuniting for A Very Brady Renovation on HGTV. However, as the show is coming to an end soon, HGTV will be following up with a new holiday special. And yes, it stars our favorite Brady kids once more! Rejoice again!


Being dubbed as A Very Brady Holiday Special, for now, it doesn’t have a scheduled air date yet. However, there is speculation that it will air as soon as December 2019 of this year. TV and pop culture journalist, Kimberly Potts, says that HGTV will air this special to coincide with Christmas and become a part of other winter festivities.


A Very Brady Holiday Special

A Very Brady Renovation / HGTV

If you’re a Brady Bunch fan, you’ll likely remember the family celebrating Christmas with a tree and presents throughout the 5 seasons. HGTV has yet to share additional details of what the show will be about, but many are already hoping that it will be similar to the original show. Perhaps a continuation of A Very Brady Renovation with a little holiday flair? Who knows! Anything is possible.

A Very Brady Renovation stars the Brady kids returning to transform the original house into a replica of the original Paramount Stage 5 set. So, the big rumor is that perhaps the kids will return to throw their first holiday party in the newly renovated home.

Remembering the good old days on set

Brady Bunch Christmas / Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Of course, the experience of being part of A Very Brady Renovation has been entirely nostalgic for the Brady kids. The premiere party for the show brought together the entire cast to reminisce about the times they had on set.

Soon enough, the co-stars would begin reminiscing together and memories would come flooding back. Christopher Knight says, “You don’t just remember, you literally forget that we’re not on the set because it’s that’s close, and it brings back a lot of memories.” Barry Williams then adds, “The memories are so powerful, the nostalgia is so strong — and this is a period of time we’ve talked about for our entire lives. It’s not like we lived it and it went away, it stayed with us all this time… But to see the house put together like that, I think brought it all right to the forefront.”

We can’t wait to hear more details about this new Brady holiday special! What do you think it’s going to be?

‘The Property Brothers’ Share Secrets From The Set Of ‘A Very Brady Renovation’.

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