‘The Brady Bunch’ Kids Admit They Stole Items From The Set

Some of the Brady kids admit they stole items from the original set

The cast of The Brady Bunch and A Very Brady Renovation recently talked to Rachael Ray. On her talk show, they opened up about how much the renovations meant to them. They also were able to answer fan questions from the audience. One fan asked if they kept anything from the original set of The Brady Bunch.

Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) chimed in, “We were good kids! That would have been stealing!” However, it seems that not all of the Brady kids were as good. Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams revealed that they did keep items from the original set. One story even became a short storyline on the sitcom Scrubs.


Some of the actors admit they stole items from the set

maureen mccormick
Maureen McCormick / YouTube

Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) revealed that she took something from the special A Very Brady Christmas.

She admitted, “I took something. But I have to say, I did ask the prop people if I could have it. We did a show, ‘A Very Brady Christmas,’ and there was this cute little wooden Santa that was hanging, and I was just like, ‘I want that in my house every Christmas at home with my family.'”


barry williams christopher knight
Barry Williams and Christopher Knight / YouTube

Barry Williams (Greg Brady) also admitted he took something, although it was an accident. He explained, “I waltzed off the set with the Hawaiian tiki — completely by accident because I just happened to be wearing it and forgot to take it off.” The tiki was featured in the episode where the Brady family goes to Hawaii.

The stolen item was used in the show ‘Scrubs’

the brady bunch kids on rachael ray
The Brady kids / YouTube

In the clip below, the show Scrubs ran with this story. The main character J.D. purchases the infamous tiki necklaces online and he imagines that Barry himself was the seller! It will crack you up.

In conclusion, what do you think about the Brady Bunch kids stealing items from the original set? We wonder if they were tempted to steal anything from A Very Brady Renovation! Watch the clip from Scrubs below: 

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