Ozzy Osbourne’s Grandkids Rock Out To “Crazy Train”

Ossy Osbourne - Flickr _ Ozzy's Grandkids - Youtube Screenshot
Ossy Osbourne - Flickr / Ozzy's Grandkids - Youtube Screenshot

Ozzy Osbourne‘s Grandchildren have given us both a hard rock and adorable video at the same time! These Grandkids rock, born to Jack Osbourne, are named Pearl, 6-years-old in this video, and Andy who is 3-years-old.

The children are seen singing and dancing to one of Grandpa’s hits, “Crazy Train”. The song was released in 1980 and was part of Ozzy’s debut solo album, Blizzard of Ozz. As a result, the subject of the song was actually the Cold War and the coping with the fear of total annihilation that constantly loomed over this time period.


Ozzy Osbourne with his Rock ‘n’ Roll Grandkid, Andy

Jack Osbourne, Ozzy’s son, states that the above photo is one of his favorites! The “Crazy Train” video surfaced when Sharon Osbourne played the clip on her show, The Talk. In other words, she gave some street credit to Andy’s proper rock ‘n’ roll head-banging saying, “They did that to make their papa feel better.”

“Crazy Train” is one of Ozzy’s more recognizable songs as a solo artist. In addition, the guitar solo has generated critical praise as well. Before we see the Mini-Osbourne version of the song, let’s revisit Ozzy’s classic original first!


Ozzy Osbourne was a rocker that taught many people how to headbang, including me.

Ozzy Osbourne and Blasko rocking out onstage!
Ozzy Osbourne & Blasko – Wikimedia Commons

The Grandkid Rock Video that Jack Osbourne Shared on Instagram


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🤪🚂! These girls are hilarious. #crazytrain #papa

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The girls did some quality rocking out in that clip! Pearl certainly knew more words of “Crazy Train” than I did, and I had that Ozzy Osbourne CD in my car for weeks!

The Grandkid Rockin’ Clip from The Talk

We searched Jack’s Instagram for other entertaining photos or videos and were certainly not disappointed. Below we have some more headbanging as the children waited on their breakfast burrito! Rock ‘n’ Yum!

Bonus Headbanging!!!


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