Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Son, Garry, Pens Emotional Message To Late Mom, Beth Chapman

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Son, Garry, Pens Emotional Message To Late Mom, Beth Chapman

It’s only been a few months since Beth Chapman’s passing and Dog’s family has been taking it pretty rough. Garry, Dog and Beth’s youngest son, takes to Instagram to post an emotional message to his late mother. Otherwise, he has been relatively quiet since Beth’s passing. We can imagine he likely wants to deal with it privately.

“I find myself navigating through my phone wondering why I’ve not gotten a text from you some times. It’s been one of those days,” Garry writes in a post. The post features a photo of himself and Beth together.


The whole family has been there for each other

garry chapman pens emotional message to late mother beth chapman
Garry and Beth Chapman / Instagram

Relatives Lyssa and Bonnie Chapman comment on the post with words of love and hope. “Love you Garry boy,” Lyssa writes. Bonnie chimes in, “Me too little bro, know you can talk to me.” Many of Garry’s followers also sympathized with him, remembering Beth and her legacy.

“Hang in there and remember your mum is always with you especially when you need her the most,” someone says in the comments. Another says, “Keep your head up man. Just keep being a good soul and continue making her proud 💯 they are always with us.”


They are all supporting Dog through this hard time, too

beth chapman
Beth Chapman / Instagram

Garry also shares a photo of himself with dad, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, back in April. He shows support of his father, who has arguably been struggling the most in this process. “Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fall apart, that’s true strength,” Garry writes for his father.

It’s evident that throughout this process of grieving and mourning the loss, the Chapman crew remains super tight-knit and close.

‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ puts large emphasis on Beth’s presence

dog and beth chapman
Dog and Beth Chapman / YouTube

Dog’s new show Dog’s Most Wanted is finally on the air and part of it will document Beth’s cancer journey. Dog reveals that the series will document her cancer journey all the way up until she was in the hospital. For the premiere of the show, fans got #DogsMostWanted trending on Twitter along with #ThisOneIsForBeth.

For the second episode of the series, #ThisOneIsForBeth was trending once again. We hope the Chapman family is hanging in there during this difficult time. Watch a clip from the first episode of Dog’s Most Wanted below to see them all in action during a hunt!

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