Sir Tom Jones Says He Now Has A “12 Pack” After Cutting Back On Drinking

Sir Tom Jones Says He Now Has A _12 Pack_ After Cutting Back On Drinking
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Sir Tom Jones now claims he has a “12 pack” after cutting back on the booze. Of course, we’re sure this is a bit exaggerated, but it has been scientifically proven that cutting back on alcohol can help aid weight loss! The 79-year-old says he “used to drink quite a lot”, but that the quantity is “not much now”.

Jones says he also keeps a healthy diet as much as possible. He says that the key is “not to eat too much of one thing, and more protein than carbs. I’ve got a 12 pack. But health is very important and that’s a lot of luck.”


Sir Tom Jones allegedly has a “12 pack” just from cutting back on alcohol! So, that’s the secret all along. 🤔

sir tom jones
Sir Tom Jones / Hussein Malla/AP/PA



“You’ve got to take care of yourself,” he says. The legend also insists that he does have his own hair and his only real vice is chocolate. We can’t blame him! Jones also reveals that he is in talks about a film about his life that’s currently underway.

“They’re trying to find out who would play me,” he says at an awards show in London. He says that he would love for a fellow Welshman to play the role. “An actor more than a singer. They can leave the singing to me,” Jones says.

The health comments come a year after he had a scare and was in the hospital

young tom jones
Young Tom Jones / YouTube

The comments about Jones’s health comes after a scare when he was rushed to the hospital last year for a bacterial infection. This would force him to cancel shows in the UK. He subsequently apologized to his fans on social media, but this obviously led to a turn-around of Jones’s health habits. Sounds like he’s doing great!

tom jones performing
Tom Jones / Wales Online

Sir Tom Jones has been spending a lot of his time as a judge on The Voice UK. Take a look at some of his greatest moments from the show in the video below!

Tom Jones Kicks Off Tour Remembering Elvis Presley Before Dining Out With His Ex-Wife, Priscilla Presley.



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