‘The Brady Bunch’ Stars Reminisce At ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ Premiere Party

‘The Brady Bunch’ Stars Reminisce At ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ Premiere Party

The Brady Bunch stars were recently seen getting a little nostalgic at the premiere party for A Very Brady Renovation. And understandably so! The Brady Bunch was a classic American sitcom that ended its 5-season run in 1974. However, the series was so popular that it would spawn several spin-off shows, movies, albums, a variety hour and a cartoon.

So, it’s no shocker that we’re not getting A Very Brady Renovation on the original Brady house! Brady Bunch actor Mike Lookinland reveals his thoughts on the new renovation and everything that has gone into it. Keep reading to see what the Brady Bunch stars have to say!


The 6 co-stars reminisce together about the familiar home

A Very Brady Renovation stars reminisce together
A Very Brady Renovation / Instagram

“This has been a special one because we didn’t have to play Bobby and Cindy — we could be ourselves. And it’s the 50th anniversary [of the premiere],” Lookinland says. Co-star Susan Olsen chimes in, “It’s almost by divine guidance or something.”

All six Brady actors were present, walking the red carpet outside the Garland Hotel for the premiere party. The actors include our favorites. Barry Williams (Greg)Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Lookinland (Bobby) and Olsen (Cindy). HGTV would purchase the original, famous Brady house for $3.5 million in 2018 before pursuing the renovations.


The Nostalgia is Strong for the Brady Family

Brady Bunch stars
Brady Bunch stars / Instagram

Soon enough, the co-stars would begin reminiscing together and memories would come flooding back. Knight says, “You don’t just remember, you literally forget that we’re not on the set because it’s that’s close, and it brings back a lot of memories.”

Williams then adds, “The memories are so powerful, the nostalgia is so strong — and this is a period of time we’ve talked about for our entire lives. It’s not like we lived it and it went away, it stayed with us all this time… But to see the house put together like that, I think brought it all right to the forefront.”

The premiere party was part exciting, part nostalgic, and part emotional

Brady Bunch house
Brady Bunch house / Instagram

Of course, the experience was an emotional one for the cast as they could not share it with two prime Brady Bunch members. Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis, and Florence Henderson were all a huge part of the cast as much as anyone else and have sadly passed on.

McCormick says she was wearing a heart-shaped necklace that was a gift from Henderson in honor of her. It was a happy yet somber moment for everyone. What a beautiful way to reminisce and honor someone! Watch the video below to see the Brady Bunch and HGTV cast remake the Brady Bunch opening song!

These ‘Brady Bunch’ stars were recently served a nostalgic helping of pork chops and applesauce on the show ‘Chopped.’ Check it out!

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