This Animal Is A Real Life Optical Illusion — Is It A Bird Or A Rabbit?

Bird or rabbit optical illusion is stumping Internet users everywhere

A new type of optical illusion is stumping Internet users everywhere. This time, it is a real live animal! In a new video surfacing around the Internet, it shows what appears to be either a bird or a bunny. The owner is stroking it, and no one can agree on what type of animal it is!

This brings to mind one of the most famous optical illusions of all time. A very old sketch contains what looks to be both a duck and a rabbit, depending on how you look at it. This animal appears to be the real-life version of the old optical illusion. So, do you have your guess yet?


Is it a rabbit or a bird?

bird rabbit optical illusion
Bird or Rabbit / Facebook

The video first went viral when it was shared by Daniel Quintana, a scientist at the University of Oslo in Norway. He referenced the optical illusion and captioned the tweet, “Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose.” Did you guess it right? It actually isn’t a rabbit, which is what Daniel jokes about. The animal in the video is actually a bird! Keep reading to learn what specific type of bird it is and what its name is.

mischief the raven
Mischief the raven / Facebook

The animal has been verified to be an African White-necked Raven named Mischief. He lives in the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley, Park Missouri. He is currently 18 years old. This isn’t the first time that Mischief has gone viral. He actually talks and some videos of him speaking has been circulating the Internet already. How cute is he?


The original optical illusion of a rabbit and a duck

duck rabbit optical illusion
Duck or rabbit optical illusion / Wikimedia Commons

Mischief is also an educational ambassador for his Missouri sanctuary. He teaches adults and children alike about ravens, how humans can help animals and how humans can help conservation efforts in general. He even shows people how to recycle! According to CNN, his handler said, “He even recycles cans and bottles, showing that recycling is so easy, a bird can do it. His talents are endless.”

What do you think? Did you guess correctly the first time? Can you see how Mischief is an optical illusion at this angle? It is great that this fun optical illusion went viral so people can learn more about the bird sanctuary and their efforts there!

Watch the original tweet and video below: 

Another crazy optical illusion may actually reveal your age!

Check it out here.

What do you think?

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