McDonald’s Launched New Type Of Restaurant Called “McDonald’s To Go”

McDonalds opened up a new McDonalds to go restaurant in London

McDonald’s recently opened a new type of restaurant called “McDonald’s to Go.” It is the first restaurant of its kind as it has no seating. It is a takeout only restaurant and is the first new type of McDonald’s since they opened a drive-thru in the ’70s. The first location has opened in London.

McDonald’s hopes to serve its customers faster with this new takeout only restaurant. When you head inside, there are only touchscreens where customers can place their orders. There are no tables or chairs. There are also only certain menu items, so if you are looking for a full menu, you won’t find it at their to-go restaurants.


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mcdonalds to go touchscreens
Touchscreens in McDonald’s to Go / Instagram

Reportedly, it looks a bit like an ATM area because there is no decor inside. The only other thing in the small space beside the touchscreens are a station with straws, napkins, and other items. Once you place your order on a touchscreen, you wait in another area for your food. You can view the kitchen from there.

mcdonalds food
McDonald’s food items / Instagram

According to Insider, the touchscreens are pretty easy to use and accept only credit cards. Once you pay and get your receipt, you wait for your number to be called. The layout of the restaurant is designed for people who want to come in, pick up their food and leave as soon as possible. Reportedly, people say that it takes about the same time as a regular McDonald’s.


mcdonalds to go london
McDonald’s to Go in London / Instagram

What do you think about this idea? Do you prefer the touchscreen idea or ordering from a drive-thru? Both seem to be pretty fast and efficient! It seems like it just depends if you want to sit down and eat your food at the restaurant after you get it or not.

Since the new McDonald’s is in London, check out this fun video of Americans trying food from a British McDonald’s. It is so interesting to see what’s different and what is the same:

Recently, a woman received cold fries from McDonald’s and pulled out a gun on the employees!

Perhaps McDonald’s is experimenting with these McDonald’s To Go restaurants to avoid this type of thing.

What do you think?

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