John Travolta Transforms Into Danny Zuko In Face-Off With Jimmy Fallon

John Travolta Transforms Into Danny Zuko In Face-Off With Jimmy Fallon
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One of John Travolta’s most iconic roles has to be the heartbreaker bad-boy Danny Zuko from the musical movie Grease. Recently, on Jimmy Fallon’s show, he transforms back into his old character, saying one of his most memorable lines from the movie. And the audience just loved it!

Travolta might be 65 years old, but he’s really still got it! Known as a “John Travolt-Off,” the pair went through several different rounds of Travolta movies/characters. Whatever the ticker would land on, the person has to do an impression of that character from the film.


John Travolta transforms into Danny Zuko once more

john travolta transforms into danny zuko
John Travolta, Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

So, the ticker lands on “Danny Zuko – Grease.” Not only does the crowd go nuts, but you can see on Fallon’s face that he is also super excited to see this. “That’s cool, baby… you know how it is, rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot,” he says in perfect Danny Zuko form. It was easily the best impression of the night, enough to make headlines today!

If you can’t remember where the line is in the film, we can remind you. In the film, Danny gets a sweet reunion with his lover, Sandy, that he meets over the summer. However, he really screws up by trying to look cool in front of his friends, the T-Birds. He acts like a total jerk, which prompts Sandy to forget him and search for someone else. You may remember it by checking out the video below!


As for Fallon, he took on a lot of other iconic Travolta roles as well from Manero from Saturday Night Fever to Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. Travolta continues to be active as ever in the film industry. He can be seen in the thriller The Fanatic, premiering on August 30th.

If you want to see the entire segment with John Travolta and Jimmy Fallon, watch the video below! It’s definitely one for the books. Travolta and Fallon even break out their best dance moves for the role of Vinnie Barbarino from the sitcom Welcome Back Kotter. 

Learn more about John Travolta’s daughter, Ella Bleu, who is following in her famous parents’ footsteps!

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