Dale Earnhardt Jr. Taken To Hospital Following Plane Crash At Elizabethton Municipal Airport

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Taken To Hospital Following Plane Crash At Elizabethton Municipal Airport
Photo Credit: Earl Neikirk/BHC

  • News reports state that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was on a plane that had a crash landing at Elizabethton Municipal Airport this afternoon.
  • Everyone aboard the plane is alive with minor injuries.
  • In addition, Dale is receiving treatment at a hospital for his injuries. 


The Carter County Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm that Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s plane crashed at the Elizabethton Municipal Airport today. Dale receives transportation to a nearby hospital after receiving treatment at the scene. Dale’s wife, Amy Reimann, is among the people on the plane during the crash.

The Elizabethton Fire Chief Barry Carrier can thankfully confirm that everyone survived the crash. They also confirmed that none of the injuries obtained were serious. For instance, the video below details Dale receiving treatment at the scene by medics.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. receiving treatment from medics after plane crash

Dale Jr. Crash

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ashley Garcia captured this footage of EMS treating Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the scene of the plane crash. We want everyone to know that Earnhardt's sister, Kelley, tweeted that everyone on board is safe and was taken to the hospital.

Posted by WCYB on Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kelley Earnhardt, Dale’s sister, was able to report updates about the crash. She posted a note on Twitter for the fans.

For instance, she said, “I can confirm Dale, Amy & Isla along with his two pilots were involved in a crash in Bristol TN this afternoon,” she says in a Twitter post. “Everyone is safe…  We have no further information at this time. Thank you for your understanding.”


Everyone has been sending the family positive thoughts and prayers after the plane crash. In conclusion, we hope that everyone is able to recover quickly from their minor injuries! In addition, we will update as the story develops.
Send your thoughts and prayers to Dale and his family while they recover! Learn more about this developing story in the video below:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. hasn’t had the luckiest year. Just a few months ago, he lost his mother, Brenda. Read more about her life and legacy here.

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