People Share Their Most Absurd Yet Telling Childhood Memories

What childhood story would you tell?

Child Yells At Parent

What childhood memory perfectly encompasses you? A funny Twitter conversation took place recently about our most iconic childhood memories! These are the most absurd memories that people shared in an online discussion.

For myself, I can remember hiding under the bed as my family prepared to leave for a vacation. I was just trying to be silly, but the joke turned sour when I fell asleep under the bed and gave my parents a scare. This led to my entire family joining in on an upbeat and frantic game of hide and seek! They eventually found me. My family loves telling this story and I think it showcases my quirky personality.


Let’s begin by checking out the original post! Kathryn B proposed the prompt and we fell in love with some of the responses.

Absurd Memories: Top Responses

We can all agree that something as absurd as this childhood memory has happened to us. For instance, I can personally remember sitting in the middle of clothing racks at the department store and waiting until I heard my mother calling my name before coming out. Then I would pretend to have been around the corner the entire time. Stores always had such great hiding places and I had a knack for finding them, perhaps an obsession.



Someone followed up by asking who gave the most memorable speech, to which ‘the library haunter’ replied: “I remember Hemingway, accepting his award for The Old Man and the Sea, plugging the *next book he had written. (I was such a dork omg).”


Apparently, this story struck a common nerve, as many other people had similar absurd childhood memories: “I did that, too! I played librarian and made my sister check out books. I didn’t charge her late fees, though. God knows I tortured her enough.”

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