Ten Historical Photos Showing Disney Parks In Their Earliest Days


July 17th, 1955 marks the grand opening of the very first Disney theme park, Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The creation of beloved Disney parks didn’t stop there when Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida would soon open in 1971. As of today, many Disney parks exist in places like Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China.

Have you ever seen historical photos from any of the Disney parks in some of their earliest days? They invoke so much nostalgia! Do you remember the original opening of the first Disney theme park ever?


Disneyland opening day
Disneyland opening day / KiwiReport

There is something truly magical about seeing all the characters lined up together on opening day! After one year of announcing the Florida Disney project, Walt Disney would sadly die from lung cancer. This did not stop his plans for many future Disney parks though!

Early Disney character costumes
Early Disney character costumes / KiwiReport

In this photo, we get a glimpse of Disney characters and their earlier costumes. This includes some of the most popular Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Chip and Dale, Donald Duck, and Captain Hook also stand nearby!


sleeping beauty castle in 1955
Sleeping Beauty Castle / KiwiReport

The photo above was taken in 1955 shortly after the park opens. A few modern touch-ups were made to this castle in 2008, and it remains one of the staple attractions in the park.

Disney World fairytale castle construction
Disney World fairytale castle / KiwiReport

It’s so weird to see the iconic fairytale castle from Disney World under construction. It stands at 183 feet tall today and it took 18 full months to build. It was officially complete just in time for the grand opening of Walt Disney World in Florida in 1971!

Original 'Small World' dolls
Original ‘Small World’ dolls / KiwiReport

If you’re not a fan of dolls, you may not like looking at this one for too long! Employees are holding up the original dolls for the attraction “It’s a Small World.” It’s one of the biggest and most popular attractions appearing at multiple Disney parks all over the world.

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