Former ‘NCIS’ Actress Pauley Perrette Heads To Hospital After Posting Concerning Photos

  • Pauley Perrette heads to the hospital after working on her AC vent and getting cut by the ceiling fan blade.
  • She takes to Twitter to ask doctors/nurses if she should go to the hospital based on how the wound looks.
  • Looks like it’s just a wounded vein and hematoma, and doctors expect she will heal up well!


Former NCIS actress Pauley Perrette shares that she has headed to the hospital after posting some concerning photos to Twitter. It’s certainly not uncommon for Perrette to share her thoughts and experiences with her Twitter fans. She reveals she was doing work on her AC vent when her hand got caught in a ceiling fan blade.


She shares the experience to her followers in a string of tweets. “I was standing on a stool trying to open my A/C vent and my hand got caught in the ceiling fan. Slashed my wrist and my hand is red and blue,” she shares.


Perrette thinks she needs to head to the hospital

Perrette also asks her Twitter followers for advice on the wound she obtained. She asks, “Is there a doc or nurse in the house? My vein swelled up and turned black under the cut to the vein, do I need to go see a doc?”

One Twitter follower chimes in saying, “From a retired RN. Yes. You need to see a doctor. You may have a hematoma from an injured blood vessel or damaged artery that runs right across your wrist.”

It looks like the actress did end up going to the hospital and she shares the news with her followers. Thankfully, Perrette will be okay! “Went to ER, it’s ugly, but will be ok they say. Probably a wounded vein and hematoma. I’m bandaged up and think it’s gonna be ok. Thanks y’all! Much love! I was scared!” she says.

Fans are very happy to hear that Perrette is recovering well! “Don’t be scared, doctors know what to do better than us people. Try not to get anxious over it, follow doctors orders and it will heal nicely,” one fan replies.

Pauley Perrette / CBS

The actress addresses Twitter haters

Another fan says, “[Oh my God]!!!! But still, you want to ER and will get all okay!!! You gotta be more careful P to not hurt, I know that I also gotta careful bc I always hurt me, too [laughing out loud] But take care, and notify us about your hand.”

Apparently, the actress also went under fire for the experience. She addresses things by saying, “Yes I’m accident prone! But I install my own lights, I fix my own A/C, I do my own stuff, I’m a rough and tumble Alabama kid who hurts her redneck self sometimes. But not a spoiled brat. I do stuff! On my own! And sometimes get my hand caught in a fan!”

Pauley Perrette / CBS

We’re glad to hear that the actress is doing better and healing up!

Pauley Perrette has also been sharing her experiences with co-star Mark Harmon, alleging physical assault. See what she has to say!

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