Watch Some Of Red Skelton’s Best Sketches To Honor His Birthday


4. Mean Little Kid and Audrey Meadows

Audrey Meadows starred in this clip where Red plays a “mean little kid.” Audrey is best known for being on The Honeymooners. He had the funniest little kid voice and those pajamas are hilarious! Which Red Skelton character is your favorite?

5. Red Skelton and Jerry Lewis perform magic

In this sketch, Jerry Lewis joins Red on stage where he is a pretty bad magician. Many of the comments on this video say Jerry and Red were two of the best comedians ever! We sure do miss them.


Lastly, check out this video which shares more of the best scenes from The Red Skelton Show:

In the past, Red Skelton shared his secrets for the perfect marriage! It is hilarious.

What do you think?

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