Vintage Brad Pitt Ads for Levi's and Pringles

maxresdefault <p>Vintage Brad Pitt Ads for Levis and Pringles</p>

Before his breakout role in Thelma and Louise, Brad Pitt had been knocking around Hollywood for a good four years, taking acting lessons and using his quite remarkable looks to gain small parts in such fare as the films Across the Tracks and Cutting Class and TV shows like Another World and Dallas. But a rising star’s gotta eat, right? Then as now, commercials provided sustenance for the employment-challenged but genetically blessed, and Mr. Pitt’s beach-boy hair, glittering smile and six-pack abs were perfect tools for Madison Avenue.

Here, view Brad in a sultry ad for Levi’s in 1991—the same year he made his splash in Thelma and Louise. Though the sinister, vaguely “exotic” prison mixes Touch of Evil with Midnight Express, at least our boy’s getting out…and for the pleasure of viewers everywhere, without his pants. Play it loud to gain the full benefit from T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy.”

A few years earlier, Brad and his boys donned beachwear to sell Pringles’ potato chips. Because nothing says “processed caloric snack chip” better than a flesh fest of kids whose day in the sun would be ruined without these goodies. The frenzied pace and shocking colors add a nice dollop of late-’80s energy to the proceedings.


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