DoYouRemember Betamax?

On this day in 1975, Sony introduced us to its Betamax videocassette recorder, a groundbreaking piece of technology that made it possible for people to record their favorite TV shows and movies and view them at a later time. While it initially drew raves from consumers, it proved to have a short shelf life when tech rival JVC unveiled the VHS home recorder to U.S. consumers in 1976. The Beta format was viewed by most experts as being technically superior, but its sales declined rapidly due to the simple fact that the tapes weren't long enough: They offered only one hour of recording time, while VHS offered two. To paraphrase the old adage, length does matter.

sony betamax tape logo 650 300x263 DoYouRemember Betamax?

Sony Beta Max Tape

betamax ad 213x300 DoYouRemember Betamax?

Betamax Ad

SONY BETAMAX PORTABLE 300x201 DoYouRemember Betamax?

Sony Betamax Portable

betamax 1 300x182 DoYouRemember Betamax?


Betamax 300x262 DoYouRemember Betamax?

Movies on Betamax


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