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Beyonce Accepts Her Award 190x300 Beyoncés Curve Appeal

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Beyoncé has been notorious for her angry refusal to approve her image in advertisements until they were restored to full glory — i.e. not photoshopped. And she’s right. Do You Remember celebrates the natural figure and shapely curves of all women, whether it’s a current diva like Beyoncé or a nostalgic legend like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell or Sophia Loren.


GtMxz 300x225 Beyoncés Curve Appeal

A young Marilyn Monroe

sophia loren3 223x300 Beyoncés Curve Appeal

Sophia Loren

In the ’30s, a more Rubenesque form was definitely more appealing: Just look at a showbiz hoofer like Ruby Keeler. This trend continued with curvy starlets like Lana Turner, known as the ultimate Sweater Girl. Marilyn ushered in a new full era; her star blazed so brightly that she spawned a host of imitators from Jayne Mansfield to Mamie Van Doren.

ruby7 228x300 Beyoncés Curve Appeal

Ruby Keeler

Cultural taste did a 180 in the 1960s, however, with stars like the aptly named Twiggy, whose rail-thin allure launched a thousand magazine covers. Mia Farrow and Edie Sedgwick were among the Mod Era’s great goddesses, whose chic was as pronounced as their slimness.

tumblr static twiggy2 207x300 Beyoncés Curve Appeal


The 1970s saw a fresher, more superficially healthful outdoor glow with stars like Farrah Fawcett and Suzanne Somers leading the pack. But pendulums always swing back, and by the 1990s the heroin-chic look, epitomized by model Kate Moss, created a scandal as well as a trend.

04 05 09 farrah fawcett swimsuit poster 70s 194x300 Beyoncés Curve Appeal

Farrah Fawcett

Happily, many of today’s most illustrious stars—from Kate Winslet to Sofia Vergara to Adele—refuse to conform to a one-size-should-fit-all standard of beauty. Beyoncé’s famous curves will keep fans crazy in love with her long after this flap recedes in pop memory. Just ask Marilyn.


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