Memories have always been our passion at DoYouRemember.com. That feeling you get when you see, hear or smell something you haven’t in years that cause emotions to take over. We all know when it happens – and it can stop us in our tracks. It can make grown men cry. It can make us all look back at some bad decisions and laugh, and if only for a moment, to take ourselves just a little less seriously. It’s when we get goose bumps and have an incontrollable need to share that memory and those feelings with others.

There are some simple rules to follow:

  • DoYouRemember is all about our love for nostalgia, so all submissions, including images, videos, descriptions and comments on our site and social media pages should relate to the past and be in good taste, and respect others on the site;
  • DoYouRemember supports our friends who earn their living through buying and selling products and services relating to all that’s retro;
  • Users may not, however, post a memory and enter a comment that’s commercial in nature, except where specifically designated. Neither memories nor comments may include a phone number, address, URL or link within images, descriptions, videos, titles or comments;
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in your submission being flagged. A user that is flagged three times will be suspended from DoYouRemember for 30 days. Further non-compliance may result in permanent revocation of user privileges.

Thanks, and enjoy the memories!


Michael Gitter
Founder, Do You Remember, Inc.